Revisiting The Game Room


l Closing Another Chapter

In contrast with N64 HQ (April 1995 to November 1997) and Guide 64 (December 1997 to December 1998), Scott McCall's Game Room (November 2001 to January 2004) served a different purpose. Originally, it was developed to showcase Scott's past work (to new people he met), but it also served as an archive of Scott's N64 information.


Scott McCall's Game Room reappeared under the same AOL Web address as Guide 64 in March 1999. Over the next year and a half, Scott worked as a freelance N64 reviews editor for All Game Guide while he was finishing his college degree. Therefore, the site basically served as a simple archive for his N64 reviews along with some background information.


Fast forward to the fall of 2001. While Scott was trying to find his first full-time job coming out of school, he decided to give Scott McCall's Game Room a massive overhaul to showcase his Web skills to prospective employers. It featured a brand-new design as well as Scott's first attempt at custom graphics. The pictures you see resemble this incarnation of the site.


After purchasing the domain name on October 31, 2001, Scott debuted his brand-new Web site on the Internet. For die-hard Nintendo fans, it provided tributes to the beloved N64 HQ and Guide 64 Web sites, contained an extensive library of comprehensive Nintendo 64 reviews, enabled the reader to learn more about Scott McCall, and served as an outlet where Scott shared some thoughts on Nintendo GameCube (GCN). However, Scott McCall's Game Room also was updated quite irregularly.


At the beginning of 2004, Scott made the decision to close Scott McCall's Game Room. He decided to redesign, repackage, and reproduce all of his N64 information in a site called Archive 64 (what you are reading now). Since he intends to update the site even less frequently than, he wanted to give the information a more permanent home and a more permanent look. Hence, that is why it was changed and moved to a different domain name.


Once again, like the sites before it, Scott McCall's Game Room enabled Scott to have fun with one of his favorite hobbies: designing Web sites. Scott McCall's Game Room as you know it may no longer be available, but its legacy and presence always will remain.