Powering Off Guide 64


l You Just Can't Quit "Cold Turkey," You Know

Because I needed to concentrate on school, I decided to stop updating the mammoth and beloved Unofficial Nintendo 64 Headquarters (N64 HQ). Although I may have broken the hearts of some N64 players out there, I had burned out from spending so much time and energy working on N64 HQ. But I still loved designing and updating Web pages. I enjoy the layout and design aspect, and more importantly, I like to provide quality information that I believe cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet. Therefore, I decided to develop another small Web site on the side. Many thought it would turn into another N64 HQ. That was never my intention. The best analogy as to why I made Guide 64 would be that, just like a cigarette smoker, I couldn't stop covering the N64 immediately by going "cold turkey." I needed to ease my way out of it, and that's what I did. After all, updating and maintaining N64 HQ was an addiction for me.


In order to differentiate Guide 64, I decided to focus solely on Nintendo 64 reviews and video game release lists. This also gave me the opportunity to update the site at my leisure, which was very important to me. I wanted to continue writing my reviews, because I thought they were the most comprehensive and accurate around.


As it turned out, my N64 reviews became the official reviews of America Online's Video Games Forum. By the same token, I decided to continue the release lists because there weren't accurate enough ones out there. My release lists, which eventually expanded from N64 to PlayStation to Game Boy Color, were a big draw in America Online's Video Games Forum. I'm sure many people were surprised that a long-time, staunch Nintendo supporter would cover anything PlayStation-related. But since my readership requested an accurate PSX release list, I made one for them. I always enjoy providing top-quality information, because I appreciate it when I find other sites on the Internet with that same goal. As a matter of fact, because portions of Guide 64 were linked from AOL, the site enjoyed immense popularity. In its last six months, the site garnered about 400,000 visitors, which means over 2,000 people visited Guide 64 per day.


Guide 64 is a very, very, very small fraction of what N64 HQ used to be. As I mentioned previously, this fact always was my intention. Whereas Guide 64 had four main sections that didn't expand too deep, N64 HQ had approximately 17 main sections with endless numbers of subdirectories and subsections. N64 HQ also was much more intensive graphically—almost too much for its era (1996-1997)—than Guide 64. I designed Guide 64 to have a very basic look on purpose: Because I didn't know how to make custom graphics back then, most of the site's graphics were basically leftovers from N64 HQ.

l The End of a Journey

Whereas N64 HQ was online in some way, shape, or form for about two and a half years, Guide 64 only was online for approximately one year (December 1, 1997 to December 11, 1998).


Guide 64 represents the last Web site that I'll update regularly for the general populous. I think fan sites covering video games are best left to kids who have more energy, more time, and more enthusiasm. Previously, I was in high school and college when I updated Guide 64 and N64 HQ. Now that I'm out in the "real world," my priorities and hobbies have changed. Nevertheless, the legacy of my past and Guide 64 will live on forever!