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** indicates that the 2019-20 regular season was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that a 24-team "bubble" playoff in Canada was used to finish the season; the 2020-21 regular season was shortened to 56 games (instead of 82) and temporarily realigned divisions to put all 7 Canadian teams in one division.

2022-23EastFlorida Panthers4-0Carolina Hurricanes
2022-23WestVegas Golden Knights4-2Dallas Stars
2021-22EastTampa Bay Lightning4-2New York Rangers
2021-22WestColorado Avalanche4-0Edmonton Oilers
2020-21**East**Tampa Bay Lightning**4-3New York Islanders
2020-21**West**Montreal Canadiens**4-2Vegas Golden Knights
2019-20**East**Tampa Bay Lightning**4-2New York Islanders
2019-20**West**Dallas Stars**4-1Vegas Golden Knights
2018-19EastBoston Bruins4-0Carolina Hurricanes
2018-19WestSt. Louis Blues4-2San Jose Sharks
2017-18EastWashington Capitals4-3Tampa Bay Lightning
2017-18WestVegas Golden Knights4-1Winnipeg Jets
2016-17EastPittsburgh Penguins4-3Ottawa Senators
2016-17WestNashville Predators4-2Anaheim Ducks
2015-16EastPittsburgh Penguins4-3Tampa Bay Lightning
2015-16WestSan Jose Sharks4-2St. Louis Blues
2014-15EastTampa Bay Lightning4-3New York Rangers
2014-15WestChicago Blackhawks4-3Anaheim Ducks
2013-14EastNew York Rangers4-2Montreal Canadiens
2013-14WestLos Angeles Kings4-3Chicago Blackhawks
2012-13EastBoston Bruins4-0Pittsburgh Penguins
2012-13WestChicago Blackhawks4-1Los Angeles Kings
2011-12EastNew Jersey Devils4-2New York Rangers
2011-12WestLos Angeles Kings4-1Phoenix Coyotes
2010-11EastBoston Bruins4-3Tampa Bay Lightning
2010-11WestVancouver Canucks4-1San Jose Sharks
2009-10EastPhiladelphia Flyers4-1Montreal Canadiens
2009-10WestChicago Blackhawks4-0San Jose Sharks
2008-09EastPittsburgh Penguins4-0Carolina Hurricanes
2008-09WestDetroit Red Wings4-1Chicago Blackhawks
2007-08EastPittsburgh Penguins4-1Philadelphia Flyers
2007-08WestDetroit Red Wings4-2Dallas Stars
2006-07EastOttawa Senators4-1Buffalo Sabres
2006-07WestAnaheim Ducks4-2Detroit Red Wings
2005-06EastCarolina Hurricanes4-3Buffalo Sabres
2005-06WestEdmonton Oilers4-1Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
2003-04EastTampa Bay Lightning4-3Philadelphia Flyers
2003-04WestCalgary Flames4-2San Jose Sharks
2002-03EastNew Jersey Devils4-3Ottawa Senators
2002-03WestMighty Ducks of Anaheim4-0Minnesota Wild
2001-02EastCarolina Hurricanes4-2Toronto Maple Leafs
2001-02WestDetroit Red Wings4-3Colorado Avalanche
2000-01EastNew Jersey Devils4-1Pittsburgh Penguins
2000-01WestColorado Avalanche4-1St. Louis Blues
1999-00EastNew Jersey Devils4-3Philadelphia Flyers
1999-00WestDallas Stars4-3Colorado Avalanche
1998-99EastBuffalo Sabres4-1Toronto Maple Leafs
1998-99WestDallas Stars4-3Colorado Avalanche
1997-98EastWashington Capitals4-2Buffalo Sabres
1997-98WestDetroit Red Wings4-2Dallas Stars
1996-97EastPhiladelphia Flyers4-1New York Rangers
1996-97WestDetroit Red Wings4-2Colorado Avalanche
1995-96EastFlorida Panthers4-3Pittsburgh Penguins
1995-96WestColorado Avalanche4-2Detroit Red Wings
1994-95EastNew Jersey Devils4-2Philadelphia Flyers
1994-95WestDetroit Red Wings4-1Chicago Blackhawks
1993-94EastNew York Rangers4-3New Jersey Devils
1993-94WestVancouver Canucks4-1Toronto Maple Leafs
1992-93East (Wales)Montreal Canadiens4-1New York Islanders
1992-93West (Campbell)Los Angeles Kings4-3Toronto Maple Leafs
1991-92East (Wales)Pittsburgh Penguins4-0Boston Bruins
1991-92West (Campbell)Chicago Blackhawks4-0Edmonton Oilers
1990-91East (Wales)Pittsburgh Penguins4-2Boston Bruins
1990-91West (Campbell)Minnesota North Stars4-1Edmonton Oilers
1989-90East (Wales)Boston Bruins4-0Washington Capitals
1989-90West (Campbell)Edmonton Oilers4-2Chicago Blackhawks
1988-89East (Wales)Montreal Canadiens4-2Philadelphia Flyers
1988-89West (Campbell)Calgary Flames4-1Chicago Blackhawks
1987-88East (Wales)Boston Bruins4-3New Jersey Devils
1987-88West (Campbell)Edmonton Oilers4-1Detroit Red Wings
1986-87East (Wales)Philadelphia Flyers4-2Montreal Canadiens
1986-87West (Campbell)Edmonton Oilers4-1Detroit Red Wings
1985-86East (Wales)Montreal Canadiens4-1New York Rangers
1985-86West (Campbell)Calgary Flames4-3St. Louis Blues
1984-85East (Wales)Philadelphia Flyers4-2Quebec Nordiques
1984-85West (Campbell)Edmonton Oilers4-2Chicago Black Hawks
1983-84East (Wales)New York Islanders4-2Montreal Canadiens
1983-84West (Campbell)Edmonton Oilers4-0Minnesota North Stars
1982-83East (Wales)New York Islanders4-2Boston Bruins
1982-83West (Campbell)Edmonton Oilers4-0Chicago Black Hawks
1981-82East (Wales)New York Islanders4-0Quebec Nordiques
1981-82West (Campbell)Vancouver Canucks4-1Chicago Black Hawks
1980-81Semifinals1. New York Islanders4-013. New York Rangers
1980-81Semifinals9. Minnesota North Stars4-27. Calgary Flames
1979-80Semifinals5. New York Islanders4-22. Buffalo Sabres
1979-80Semifinals1. Philadelphia Flyers4-16. Minnesota North Stars
1978-79Semifinals2. Montreal Canadiens4-33. Boston Bruins
1978-79Semifinals5. New York Rangers4-21. New York Islanders
1977-78Semifinals1. Montreal Canadiens4-06. Toronto Maple Leafs
1977-78Semifinals2. Boston Bruins4-14. Philadelphia Flyers
1976-77Semifinals1. Montreal Canadiens4-24. New York Islanders
1976-77Semifinals3. Boston Bruins4-02. Philadelphia Flyers
1975-76Semifinals1. Montreal Canadiens4-15. New York Islanders
1975-76Semifinals2. Philadelphia Flyers4-13. Boston Bruins
1974-75Semifinals1. Philadelphia Flyers4-38. New York Islanders
1974-75Semifinals2. Buffalo Sabres4-23. Montreal Canadiens

Note: With the 1974-75 season, the NHL split its two-division league into four divisions and two conferences. Between 1974 and 1980 all playoff teams were seeded based on regular season points regardless of conference. Therefore, the number indicates the Preliminary Round seeding. Finally, for the 1981-82 season, the teams were realigned into Eastern and Western conferences.