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** shows, as of the 2012 season, if any of the Wild Card teams made it to the League Championship Series (LCS)
* indicates, between 1994-2011, the team that was the Wild Card representative in its league

2019NLCSWashington Nationals** 4St. Louis Cardinals 0(WWWW)
 ALCSHouston Astros 4New York Yankees 2(LWWWLW)
 NLDSWashington Nationals 3Los Angeles Dodgers 2(LWLWW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3Atlanta Braves 2(WLLWW)
 ALDSHouston Astros 3Tampa Bay Rays 2(WWLLW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Minnesota Twins 0(WWW)
 NLWCWashington Nationals 4Milwaukee Brewers 3WAS vs MIL
 ALWCTampa Bay Rays 5Oakland Athletics 1TB at OAK
2018ALCSBoston Red Sox 4Houston Astros 1(LWWW)
 NLCSLos Angeles Dodgers 4Milwaukee Brewers 3(LWLWWLW)
 ALDSBoston Red Sox 3New York Yankees 1(WLWW)
 ALDSHouston Astros 3Cleveland Indians 0(WWW)
 NLDSMilwaukee Brewers 3Colorado Rockies 0(WWW)
 NLDSLos Angeles Dodgers 3Atlanta Braves 1(WWLW)
 ALWCNew York Yankees 7Oakland Athletics 2NYY vs OAK
 NLWCColorado Rockies 2Chicago Cubs 1COL at CHI
2017ALCSHouston Astros 4New York Yankees** 3(WWLLLWW)
 NLCSLos Angeles Dodgers 4Chicago Cubs 1(WWWLW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Cleveland Indians 2(LLWWW)
 ALDSHouston Astros 3Boston Red Sox 1(WWLW)
 NLDSLos Angeles Dodgers 3Arizona Diamondbacks 0(WWW)
 NLDSChicago Cubs 3Washington Nationals 2(WLWLW)
 ALWCNew York Yankees 8Minnesota Twins 4NYY vs MIN
 NLWCArizona Diamondbacks 11Colorado Rockies 8ARI vs COL
2016NLCSChicago Cubs 4Los Angeles Dodgers 2(WLLWWW)
 ALCSCleveland Indians 4Toronto Blue Jays** 1(WWWLW)
 NLDSChicago Cubs 3San Francisco Giants 1(WWLW)
 NLDSLos Angeles Dodgers 3Washington Nationals 2(WLLWW)
 ALDSToronto Blue Jays 3Texas Rangers 0(WWW)
 ALDSCleveland Indians 3Boston Red Sox 0(WWW)
 NLWCSan Francisco Giants 3New York Mets 0SF at NYM
 ALWCToronto Blue Jays 5Baltimore Orioles 2TOR vs BAL
2015ALCSKansas City Royals 4Toronto Blue Jays 2(WWLWLW)
 NLCSNew York Mets 4Chicago Cubs** 0(WWWW)
 ALDSKansas City Royals 3Houston Astros 2(LWLWW)
 ALDSToronto Blue Jays 3Texas Rangers 2(LLWWW)
 NLDSChicago Cubs 3St. Louis Cardinals 1(LWWW)
 NLDSNew York Mets 3Los Angeles Dodgers 2(WLWLW)
 ALWCHouston Astros 3New York Yankees 0HOU at NYY
 NLWCChicago Cubs 4Pittsburgh Pirates 0CHI at PIT
2014NLCSSan Francisco Giants** 4St. Louis Cardinals 1(WLWWW)
 ALCSKansas City Royals** 4Baltimore Orioles 0(WWWW)
 NLDSSan Francisco Giants 3Washington Nationals 1(WWLW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3Los Angeles Dodgers 1(WLWW)
 ALDSKansas City Royals 3Los Angeles Angels 0(WWW)
 ALDSBaltimore Orioles 3Detroit Tigers 0(WWW)
 NLWCSan Francisco Giants 8Pittsburgh Pirates 0SF at PIT
 ALWCKansas City Royals 9Oakland Athletics 8KC vs OAK
2013ALCSBoston Red Sox 4Detroit Tigers 2(LWWLWW)
 NLCSSt. Louis Cardinals 4Los Angeles Dodgers 2(WWLWLW)
 ALDSBoston Red Sox 3Tampa Bay Rays 1(WWLW)
 ALDSDetroit Tigers 3Oakland Athletics 2(WLLWW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3Pittsburgh Pirates 2(WLLWW)
 NLDSLos Angeles Dodgers 3Atlanta Braves 1(WLWW)
 ALWCTampa Bay Rays 4Cleveland Indians 0TB at CLE
 NLWCPittsburgh Pirates 6Cincinnati Reds 2PIT vs CIN
2012NLCSSan Francisco Giants 4St. Louis Cardinals** 3(LWLLWWW)
 ALCSDetroit Tigers 4New York Yankees 0(WWWW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Baltimore Orioles 2(WLWLW)
 ALDSDetroit Tigers 3Oakland Athletics 2(WWLLW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3Washington Nationals 2(LWWLW)
 NLDSSan Francisco Giants 3Cincinnati Reds 2(LLWWW)
 ALWCBaltimore Orioles 5Texas Rangers 1BAL at TEX
 NLWCSt. Louis Cardinals 6Atlanta Braves 3STL at ATL
2011NLCSSt. Louis Cardinals* 4Milwaukee Brewers 2(LWWLWW)
 ALCSTexas Rangers 4Detroit Tigers 2(WWLWLW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals* 3Philadelphia Phillies 2(LWLWW)
 NLDSMilwaukee Brewers 3Arizona Diamondbacks 2(WWLLW)
 ALDSDetroit Tigers 3New York Yankees 2(LWWLW)
 ALDSTexas Rangers 3Tampa Bay Rays* 1(LWWW)
2010NLCSSan Francisco Giants 4Philadelphia Phillies 2(WLWWLW)
 ALCSTexas Rangers 4New York Yankees* 2(LWWWLW)
 NLDSPhiladelphia Phillies 3Cincinnati Reds 0(WWW)
 NLDSSan Francisco Giants 3Atlanta Braves* 1(WLWW)
 ALDSTexas Rangers 3Tampa Bay Rays 2(WWLLW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees* 3Minnesota Twins 0(WWW)
2009ALCSNew York Yankees 4Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2(WWLWLW)
 NLCSPhiladelphia Phillies 4Los Angeles Dodgers 1(WLWWW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Minnesota Twins 0(WWW)
 ALDSLos Angeles Angels of Anaheim 3Boston Red Sox* 0(WWW)
 NLDSLos Angeles Dodgers 3St. Louis Cardinals 0(WWW)
 NLDSPhiladelphia Phillies 3Colorado Rockies* 1(WLWW)
2008NLCSPhiladelphia Phillies 4Los Angeles Dodgers 1(WWLWW)
 ALCSTampa Bay Rays 4Boston Red Sox* 3(LWWWLLW)
 NLDSPhiladelphia Phillies 3Milwaukee Brewers* 1(WWLW)
 NLDSLos Angeles Dodgers 3Chicago Cubs 0(WWW)
 ALDSBoston Red Sox* 3Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1(WWLW)
 ALDSTampa Bay Rays 3Chicago White Sox 1(WWLW)
2007ALCSBoston Red Sox 4Cleveland Indians 3(WLLLWWW)
 NLCSColorado Rockies* 4Arizona Diamondbacks 0(WWWW)
 ALDSCleveland Indians 3New York Yankees* 1(WWLW)
 ALDSBoston Red Sox 3Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 0(WWW)
 NLDSColorado Rockies* 3Philadelphia Phillies 0(WWW)
 NLDSArizona Diamondbacks 3Chicago Cubs 0(WWW)
2006NLCSSt. Louis Cardinals 4New York Mets 3(LWWLWLW)
 ALCSDetroit Tigers* 4Oakland Athletics 0(WWWW)
 NLDSNew York Mets 3Los Angeles Dodgers* 0(WWW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3San Diego Padres 1(WWLW)
 ALDSDetroit Tigers* 3New York Yankees 1(LWWW)
 ALDSOakland Athletics 3Minnesota Twins 0(WWW)
2005ALCSChicago White Sox 4Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1(LWWWW)
 NLCSHouston Astros* 4St. Louis Cardinals 2(LWWWLW)
 ALDSChicago White Sox 3Boston Red Sox* 0(WWW)
 ALDSLos Angeles Angels of Anaheim 3New York Yankees 2(LWWLW)
 NLDSHouston Astros* 3Atlanta Braves 1(WLWW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3San Diego Padres 0(WWW)
2004ALCSBoston Red Sox* 4New York Yankees 3(LLLWWWW)
 NLCSSt. Louis Cardinals 4Houston Astros* 3(WWLLLWW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Minnesota Twins 1(LWWW)
 ALDSBoston Red Sox* 3Anaheim Angels 0(WWW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3Los Angeles Dodgers 1(WWLW)
 NLDSHouston Astros* 3Atlanta Braves 2(WLWLW)
2003NLCSFlorida Marlins* 4Chicago Cubs 3(WLLLWWW)
 ALCSNew York Yankees 4Boston Red Sox* 3(LWWLWLW)
 NLDSChicago Cubs 3Atlanta Braves 2(WLWLW)
 NLDSFlorida Marlins* 3San Francisco Giants 1(LWWW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Minnesota Twins 1(LWWW)
 ALDSBoston Red Sox* 3Oakland Athletics 2(LLWWW)
2002ALCSAnaheim Angels* 4Minnesota Twins 1(LWWWW)
 NLCSSan Francisco Giants* 4St. Louis Cardinals 1(WWLWW)
 ALDSAnaheim Angels* 3New York Yankees 1(LWWW)
 ALDSMinnesota Twins 3Oakland Athletics 2(WLLWW)
 NLDSSan Francisco Giants* 3Atlanta Braves 2(WLLWW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3Arizona Diamondbacks 0(WWW)
2001NLCSArizona Diamondbacks 4Atlanta Braves 1(WLWWW)
 ALCSNew York Yankees 4Seattle Mariners 1(WWLWW)
 NLDSAtlanta Braves 3Houston Astros 0(WWW)
 NLDSArizona Diamondbacks 3St. Louis Cardinals* 2(WLWLW)
 ALDSSeattle Mariners 3Cleveland Indians 2(LWLWW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Oakland Athletics* 2(LLWWW)
2000ALCSNew York Yankees 4Seattle Mariners* 2(LWWWLW)
 NLCSNew York Mets* 4St. Louis Cardinals 1(WWLWW)
 ALDSSeattle Mariners* 3Chicago White Sox 0(WWW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Oakland Athletics 2(LWWLW)
 NLDSNew York Mets* 3San Francisco Giants 1(LWWW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3Atlanta Braves 0(WWW)
1999ALCSNew York Yankees 4Boston Red Sox* 1(WWLWW)
 NLCSAtlanta Braves 4New York Mets* 2(WWWLLW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Texas Rangers 0(WWW)
 ALDSBoston Red Sox* 3Cleveland Indians 2(LLWWW)
 NLDSAtlanta Braves 3Houston Astros 1(LWWW)
 NLDSNew York Mets* 3Arizona Diamondbacks 1(WLWW)
1998ALCSNew York Yankees 4Cleveland Indians 2(WLLWWW)
 NLCSSan Diego Padres 4Atlanta Braves 2(WWWLLW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Texas Rangers 0(WWW)
 ALDSCleveland Indians 3Boston Red Sox* 1(LWWW)
 NLDSAtlanta Braves 3Chicago Cubs* 0(WWW)
 NLDSSan Diego Padres 3Houston Astros 1(WLWW)
1997NLCSFlorida Marlins* 4Atlanta Braves 2(WLWLWW)
 ALCSCleveland Indians 4Baltimore Orioles 2(LWWWLW)
 NLDSAtlanta Braves 3Houston Astros 0(WWW)
 NLDSFlorida Marlins* 3San Francisco Giants 0(WWW)
 ALDSBaltimore Orioles 3Seattle Mariners 1(WWLW)
 ALDSCleveland Indians 3New York Yankees* 2(LWLWW)
1996ALCSNew York Yankees 4Baltimore Orioles* 1(WLWWW)
 NLCSAtlanta Braves 4St. Louis Cardinals 3(WLLLWWW)
 ALDSBaltimore Orioles* 3Cleveland Indians 1(WWLW)
 ALDSNew York Yankees 3Texas Rangers 1(LWWW)
 NLDSAtlanta Braves 3Los Angeles Dodgers* 0(WWW)
 NLDSSt. Louis Cardinals 3San Diego Padres 0(WWW)
1995NLCSAtlanta Braves 4Cincinnati Reds 0(WWWW)
 ALCSCleveland Indians 4Seattle Mariners 2(LWLWWW)
 NLDSAtlanta Braves 3Colorado Rockies* 1(WWLW)
 NLDSCincinnati Reds 3Los Angeles Dodgers 0(WWW)
 ALDSCleveland Indians 3Boston Red Sox 0(WWW)
 ALDSSeattle Mariners 3New York Yankees* 2(LLWWW)