Thanks for visiting the Miscellaneous Articles section. Here you will find some never-before-seen articles, essays, and reviews Scott wrote for grades, for money, and for fun.


Nintendo To Release Mature Games

This news story was written for a News Reporting course that I took as an elective in college.

February 15, 2000


History of Nintendo: 1889 to 1999

This article covers the history of Nintendo and its key systems, characters, and leaders.

November 3, 1999


N64 HQ Reunion Tour: 'Dolphin' Thoughts

This piece was part of a "reunion tour," which includes "Dolphin" (a.k.a. GameCube) thoughts.

June 24, 1999


Pokémon (Game Boy) Review

This review was written to share my thoughts about Pokémon actually being a great game.

November 23, 1998


Shigeru Miyamoto Tribute

This manuscript was written as a tribute to Shigeru Miyamoto for my college speech class.

May 20, 1997


Top Secret File: Tetrisphere

This exclusive "hidden" file was lurking in N64 HQ's directories but was never found.

October 15, 1996


N64's U.S. Launch

This was written for a Japanese Web site that translated my article into Japanese for its readers.

September 28, 1996


Video Gaming Nirvana?

This is an essay I wrote for a "Creative Writing" English class in high school.

March 3, 1996


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